Hyundai diagnostic software

Price: 50 USD

The HCE-DT is software test Hyundai Contruction equiupment: hyundai excavator, Hyundai wheel loaders, Forklift



HCE-DT has some of the following distinctive features.  
 Coupling information and diagnosis: HCE-DT Information Terminal is a computerized system. It is possible to store large amounts of information. In addition, it can show the diagnosis results and related information on one screen, in contrast to existing scanners limitations in output due to their limited screen size. 
 This feature saves time and increases diagnostic effectiveness. 
 Quick Support through internet updates: If new data is introduced or if an error has generated in the HCE-DT System, data update or system fix can be made through a real time Internet update. 
 ECU reprogramming support: reprogramming step-up transformer, unlimited reprogramming events.  
 Support for powerful flight recording functions. 
 Wireless network support between VCI and Information Terminal: Reduces need for cable connections between machine and Information Terminal. 


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